Contributor uploads

If you have contributor rights, then after logging in you will see the contributor upload icon.

Once you have clicked on this you will be taken to the Submission screen:


To create a new submission, the contributor clicks on the “Create new” button on the left, give the batch a name and then clicks on the Create button. The screen will change to an upload area where the contributor can drag and drop files, or add files by browsing and starting the upload:

The progress of the upload is shown over the file thumbnails as they are uploaded. Once the upload is complete the contributor can select images to add any metadata to assets by clicking on “Edit metadata” on the left side of the screen:



Please note tha on the edit metadata screen fields marked with a * are compulsory. Keywords should be separated  with semi colons. Once the metadata has been completed click “Submit”. If the metadata has been completed correctly then a thumbs up icon will appear beneath the asset thumbnail.

The other icons shown here denote whether releases are attached and the notes section where the contributor can add any relevant information for the editor.

You can also apply releases to a selection of assets and add any relevant data to these. Once all metadata and releases have been added you can submit the batch for review and editing. In your list of batches the batch will show as “For review”.

If any assets are returned to the contributor for any reason you will see a notification saying “Returned”. If the contributor then opens the returned batch they will see assets with ticks or crosses next to them. The assets with crosses will have been rejected but should have notes asking for any retouching etc to be done. The contributor can reupload an asset and then resubmit the batch for review. If the batch is accepted then the notification will change to Accepted.


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